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Jos Ruis (Zutphen)

Since the beginning of the century active as a sculptor.  Trained by sculptor/painter Anne Brouwer-van der Vliet.  His sculptures are often combinations of stone or bronze with other materials such as glass, Perspex, metal foils. He also create digital paintings and recently started experimenting with glass casting art. 

Tanja Blekkink (Zutphen)

Trained by sculptor/painter Anne Brouwer-van der Vliet.  Her sculptures feature flowing, often feminine shapes.  Besides several torsos Tanja has also made a series of shells and animal figures in different colours and stone types.  In addition to sculptures in stone Tanja also makes sculptures in bronze and recently started experimenting with glass casting art. 

Heidi Caillard (Frankrijk)

Heidi Caillard studied at the Academie des Beaux Arts and the Ecole de Céramique in Lausanne. In 1962 she moved to Blauzac, a small village in southern France where she made her ceramics and sold them in her own gallery. 

Her most famous object is the Pintade (guinea fowl), which is now known under the name "Pintade de Lussan”. The Pintade was inspired by the guinea fowls in her garden in Blauzac. 

Marry Buiks [Bodegraven]

Marry Buiks [Bodegraven, the Netherlands] describes his artwork as follows :

"My glass objects are made using the fusing technique. This technique is based upon the melting of pieces of glass.

I often use goldfoil in my larger objects. When visiting Thailand I noticed that the Thai often cover statues with this thin foil in order to please spirits or to make a wish come true.

By adding goldfoil to my artwork I hope that a wish will become true for its owner".

Ina Molenkamp (Beekbergen)

Ina Molenkamp makes beautiful jewellery from gemstones and glass.  Inspired by the ancient Tibetan weaving, she creates unique necklaces.  Unique because they all differ in terms of presentation, not only in colour but also in kind, in keeping with many moments in life. 

Ana Lucia Amézquita (Colombia)

Ana Lucia graduated as an architect at the Javeriana University in Bogota, Colombia and then studied art in the studio of David Manzur also in Bogota.  In addition to her work as an architect Ana Lucia makes paintings and sculptures that are exhibited in- and outside of South America. 

Marjan Smit (Eindhoven)

Marjan Smit studied at the Artibus Art Academy in Utrecht and makes graphics and glass objects.  She makes her graphic art in her studio in Eindhoven and her glass artwork in both the glass atelier Tetterode in Amsterdam and the Glass House in Lommel (B).  Her art works are very recognizable in both art forms. 

Micke Johansson (Zweden)

Micke Johansson (1972) grew up in the area in Sweden known as the Glasriket (Glass Empire).  On his 24th he became one of Sweden's youngest master glassmakers.  In 2011 he opened his own glass studio in his home farm just outside Örsjö. 

Bertil Vallien (Zweden)

Bertil Vallien is Sweden's best-known glass artist and designer.  He enjoys worldwide fame, received many awards and his works are displayed in major museums around the world.  Bertil Vallien works in the Afor glass factories in Sweden, where some staff assist him since decades to realize his works.  He is best known for his sand casted glass art work. 

Tommy Singer (USA, 1940-2014)

Tommy Singer is regarded as one of the best native American [Navajo] silversmiths of our time.  His jewellery is handmade and very recognizable by its distinctive style elements.  They are now coveted objects for collectors and enthusiasts.  Tommy Singer jewellery often feature layered combinations of silver and gold complemented by gemstones. 

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